Extensive solution capabilities to drive engagement in targeted behaviors.


Proven behavioral science principles
that motivate
individuals to
act in a certain


Personalized & tailored to meet specific goals and objectives.


An on-demand solution accessible anytime, anywhere.


Measurable, achievable and sustainable results.


ChipRewards brings together science, technology, people and processes to optimize the probability that targeted behaviors occur.SM

The solution addresses a broad spectrum of desired health behaviors from health promotion and wellness to prevention and condition management. As clients evolve from basic, participatory programs to more sophisticated, activity and outcomes-based initiatives, the ChipRewards solution provides a scalable foundation to launch programs that effectively lead individuals through the continuum of health management.

Through the integration of behavioral science, communications, population segmentation and analytics, ChipRewards’ enterprise-level solution enables health plans, employers, and healthcare service providers to design and implement large-scale initiatives that increase participation and drive clinical and financial outcomes.

ScientificApproachMolecule illustrating ChipReward's scientific approach to incentive health programs

While incentive programs in health and healthcare are relatively new, the notion of providing incentives or rewards for desired behavior is fundamental and has been proven in many other industries. Health outcomes are driven largely by human behavior. That is, what individuals do on a daily basis impacts healthcare outcomes more than anything else.

ChipRewards focuses on human behavior as the common denominator with its design of effective program strategies. By utilizing behavioral science and integrating its principles into program development, ChipRewards draws on decades of scientific research proven to optimize the probability that targeted behaviors occur. Understanding the drivers of participant behavior and how those drivers can be used to maximize engagement is key to designing powerful incentive programs.

ChipRewards technology allows for the deployment of complex reinforcement schedules and a foundation of gamification strategies (point based challenges, behavior contingent milestones, bonus structures, social reinforcement)  to systematically increase participation and engagement levels.  By simultaneously integrating tailored schedules of reinforcement, targeted communication, and gamification tools, the ChipRewards solution can boost short term participation  and create long-term strategies for continued engagement.



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