Extensive solution capabilities to drive engagement in targeted behaviors.


Proven behavioral science principles
that motivate
individuals to
act in a certain


Personalized & tailored to meet specific goals and objectives.


An on-demand solution accessible anytime, anywhere.


Measurable, achievable and sustainable results.


Across healthcare, numerous consumer-centric initiatives are driving industry stakeholders to redirect traditional business models toward new behavior intervention strategies focused on the individual. Incentives are playing an increasingly important role in promoting good health and encouraging specific behaviors, decisions, or actions that will help people live healthier lives.

ChipRewards offers a highly configurable and scalable enterprise solution to organizations that wish to influence engagement and participation in programs and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors. The solution combines technology, science, people, and processes, all aligned to optimize the probability that targeted health behaviors occur.


While incentive programs in health and healthcare are relatively new, the notion of providing incentives or rewards for desired behavior is fundamental and has been proven in many other industries. Health outcomes are driven largely by human behavior. That is, what individuals do on a daily basis impacts healthcare outcomes more than anything else.

ChipRewards focuses on human behavior as the common denominator with its design of effective program strategies. By utilizing behavioral science and integrating its principles into program development, ChipRewards draws on decades of scientific research proven to optimize the probability that targeted behaviors occur. Understanding the drivers of participant behavior and how those drivers can be used to maximize engagement is key to designing powerful incentive programs.

ChipRewards technology allows for the deployment of complex reinforcement schedules and a foundation of gamification strategies (point based challenges, behavior contingent milestones, bonus structures, social reinforcement)  to systematically increase participation and engagement levels.  By simultaneously integrating tailored schedules of reinforcement, targeted communication, and gamification tools, the ChipRewards solution can boost short term participation  and create long-term strategies for continued engagement.



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