ChipRewards is a behavioral science-based technology company that utilizes a proprietary web-enabled platform to assist health plans, employers, healthcare providers, and other industry stakeholders in the development and implementation of large-scale health incentive and engagement initiatives.

The ChipRewards platform serves as an enterprise-wide system designed to increase engagement in a broad range of health-related behaviors such as health screenings, preventive care, wellness activities, pharmacy adherence, exercise, and disease management.


The company was established in 2007, based on years of leadership experience in healthcare, consumer loyalty and rewards, behavioral science, technology, and professional services. These elements have served as the building blocks for a solution unique in its flexibility, scalability, and technical efficiency. The ChipRewards solution has demonstrated proven capabilities to drive engagement in the targeted behaviors of individuals and populations.

The company continuously strives for better ways to influence more individuals to engage in new types of behaviors. The team is committed to leading the way in web-enabled technologies to change more behaviors, enhance more programs, and partner with organizations with common goals.


The company is led by a team of proven executives with years of diverse experience across various aspects of healthcare. The team includes individuals who have founded, operationalized, and expanded a wide-range of companies across the industry both publicly traded and privately held. The executive team represents over 130 years of combined relevant experience.