ChipRewards offers a highly configurable and scalable enterprise solution to organizations that wish to influence engagement and participation in desired programs and activities. The solution combines technology, science, people, and processes, all aligned to optimize the probability that targeted behaviors occur.

The solution has extensive capabilities in established markets such as employers, health plans, program providers and integrated healthcare delivery organizations. The solution can be easily configured to satisfy the unique requirements of each market segment and client.

The key components of the ChipRewards solution include:

  • A scalable technology platform that serves as the technical infrastructure for the total solution
  • An array of highly configurable end-user software applications designed to assist both program administrators and members in achieving health-related goals
  • Unique capabilities to support both simple and complex rules processing with various reward and fulfillment options
  • Targeted communications and campaign management for a seamless member experience
  • Tailored value-added professional, strategic and technical services
  • Client and member support for effective program coordination
  • Dynamic reporting and analytics

Through its proprietary technology platform, software applications, and range of surrounding professional and technical services, ChipRewards offers a comprehensive enterprise solution to its clients and target markets.