Innovative solutions, value-based benefits, scalability and strategic member retention are top priorities for health insurers. The structure of health plans and other consumer-centric initiatives are driving the industry to redefine traditional business models, improve health and reduce costs, and scale new intervention strategies focused on the individual.

ChipRewards offers a fully configurable, enterprise-wide incentive platform providing a flexible solution for health plans. The platform allows for an unlimited number of programs to be offered across any number of groups or segments as unique programs with distinct incentive offerings, activity tracking processes, incentive payments and billing.

ChipRewards provides solutions to manage incentives for fully insured populations as well as for Administrative Services Only (ASO) relationships. The ChipRewards system provides necessary and auditable tracking and reporting services and can be configured to be an extension of the health plan’s existing member services department. In addition, the reporting capabilities of the ChipRewards solution provide the health plan with the detailed accounting of its programs down to the individual behavior level. The ChipRewards solution offers numerous methods to track, communicate and monitor a broad set of health behaviors evidenced by an array of data sources including medical claims.

ChipRewards has demonstrated experience partnering with some of the most innovative and respected health plans in the nation.