Healthcare delivery organizations are faced with new challenges and opportunities related to population health management. New forms of reimbursement are emerging and tied more to “pay for performance” vs. the more traditional “fee for service” payment structure. New coordinated healthcare delivery networks are evolving and focusing more resources on population health risk management.

Last year, healthcare expenditures in the U.S. exceeded $2.6 trillion, with approximately 75% spent on patients with one or more chronic conditions, many of which could have been prevented. Patient-centric engagement strategies are becoming integral to directing and managing healthcare for improved clinical and financial outcomes. Incentive-based programs are proven to help healthcare organizations motivate patients to engage in healthy actions and behaviors, including preventative care, interventional care, and chronic care management.

The ChipRewards solution provides healthcare delivery organizations with an enterprise-wide, scalable, and highly configurable solution designed to address the unique patient engagement objectives of each healthcare organization. The solution provides the necessary infrastructure to monitor, track, and communicate activities at the individual level. Many organizations use this solution as the infrastructure for improving participation and compliance in planned patient engagement strategies.